Monday, May 13, 2013

Screaming Cubes!

Screaming Cubes

Screaming cubes is a prototype for a space sim game. It was originally made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 26 game competition, but I already expanded the game a bit and I plan to work on it more in my spare time.

Player controls his own small fighter drone (which behaves more like a rocket hovercraft then a real space ship, but the game is much more playable this way) and his huge and powerful but slow mother-ship which serves as a mobile base where player can fix and upgrade his ship. 

Currently the game takes place in a crater on an unknown planet littered with enemy bases and fighters. Destroying enemies is one way to get upgrades and ore and uranium needed by mother-ship for further upgrades and repairs. The other way is to select mining laser or cratering missiles and go search for the ore on the planet. When player get's bored with the current level, it's possible to leave the current location, return to orbital base and then select another mission. Game progress is currently saved ONLY on the orbit (so it can be played in the webplayer where saving huge amount of data for the level is not possible without creating a master server with account for each player).

There's a lot of things I'd like to add / change / improve in the game, currently the most important tasks are:
a) moving from the flat artificially closed terrain to a fully 3D asteroids with a few kilometers diameter
b) adding at least simple multiplayer, probably just a fight among two motherships on a planet.

And of course there are tons of small bugs, AI is just a bit above nonexistent etc...

Gameplay video
Current (1.1) web version (DROPBOX hosted)

Original 48 hours version (Windows standalone version)

Note, this post currently serves as a homepage for the game.