Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 Steampunketeers

New version of Three Musketeers just hit our local cinema and it fulfilled all my expectations from the trailer... leave your brain at home and have some fun. Purists will be fuming about crime perpetrated on literal classic, but if you accept that there's a lot of ninjas in this movie (these cardinals won't stand a chance!) and some steampunk-ish airships and flamethrowers and other stuff (and Mila Jovovich as Mylady), you'll have fun... I did :)

Script actually takes a lot from the original book, in some cases more then other adaptations, but it concentrates on action fun and creates occasionally crazy mashup with elements taken from a lot of other modern action movies. And last scene of the movie filled me with anticipation (I'm a sucker for massive steampunk airship battles).

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