Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ludum Dare 22

Wake up from your asleep, we has arrived onto the future…
and everything has become supersonic… alone.

Time for Ludum Dare 22!
So I’ve overslept a bit and now I’m raking my brain with enough coffee and doing wild brainstorms with myself… Alone’s quite generic theme, but it fits the idea of step by step dungeon I was thinking about making.  I’ll try to make a list of few ideas and then it’s coding time, unless better idea forces inside my brain, dungeon master-ish game it’s going to be…

Looking at the vote results I even managed to put together something resembling story Here it is, best my sleepy brain could put together.

You’re all alone, fighting spawns of randomly generated evolution brought from parallel dimensions.
You have to move through the forgotten places, abandoned long time ago, when desperate gamble shattered falling Moon to smaller pieces, but tunnels of old science base still remain and they’re full of the dire consequences of decayed technological dreams.
To navigate underground you have to use nanotech-based time travel, teleportation and even self replication as these are only methods how to clean enough territory and fix enough machines to defeat the plans of surealistic antihero – mirrored reflection of shape shifting kitten.

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